Money: Why Is It So Difficult to Talk About?

by Jack Morrison on November 2, 2011

The illusion of money is so alluring. Just look at the magazine rack and you’ll see covers of attractive, celebrities, athletes and icons. You see people every day who appear successful and well-off. They have the trendiest clothes, the biggest house, the nicest cars…but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re financially better off.

Although it might seem like your neighbor down the street (who owns the nicest house in the neighborhood) has it all, he may be up to his ears in debt and thinking, “Can someone please help me?” 

In reality, the perception of money is a façade. The fact that you have money doesn’t mean you’re good with it. Like any learned skill set, you must control what you have.

Unfortunately, our society’s “must have it now” obsession means that people want instant gratification. Even if they can’t afford something, they buy it anyway. This gains the immediate satisfaction they’re looking for. In their quest to get something instantaneously, they ignore the repercussions. This is an important topic that you, your spouse and your kids should discuss together.

In fact, experts say that couples who fight about finances once per week are over 30% more likely to get divorced. This NY Times blog post, Money Fights Predicts Divorce Rates, says that money disagreements are the biggest predictors of divorce, over chores, in-laws, spending time together and sex.

The bottom line is, you need to come to a consensus on money and work together toward a shared philosophy. If you need a professional to act as an intermediary, then reach out to one today. Find a counselor, therapist, or Worcester Bankruptcy Attorney.

Go On a Money Diet
When your eating habits are out of control, you go on a diet, right? Well, the same concept works for your financial overspending problems. Put yourself on a money diet. Tighten your belt to reign in your expenses.

Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step. You must be conscious, and meticulously aware as to where each dollar is being spent.

Are you interested in talking to a knowledgeable, understanding professional about your finances? Then you might want to sit down with a Worcester bankruptcy lawyer for a free consultation. Call my office, the Law Office of Jack Morrison, today at 508.852.7800 or reach out via our contact form. Thank you.

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